At Stann Creek Ecumenical College every student is welcome to be a part of our College once requirements are met. The child friendly environment is one that you have never experienced before. The school is very diverse and rich in culture as the students' ethnicity differ. Students' opinions and needs are always considered. Also, here at our College, we allow student participation to be extended as fully as possible both inside the classroom and in the community. Our huge campus allows students to feel secure and safe at all times as we have two securities within the campus. Lastly, despite focusing on only academics, at Stann Creek Ecuemnical College you are sure to be involved in a healthy lifestyle and learn about life skills. As a school we are committed to excellence and allow students to be themselves while being responsible.


Here at Stann Creek Ecumenical College, academic achievements are not our only purpose. We allow students to partake in many sporting activities as well. Their physical health is important to us, and as a school we allow students to have fun in extracurricular activities while maintaining an acceptable GPA. Over the past years we have had an excellent outcome while participating in sports. We do not limit students to showcase their talents as all of them are welcome to join any team available. The sporting activities we partake in include:

  1. Volleyball
  2. Basketball
  3. Football
  4. Softball
  5. Track and Field


Students tend to not find much to do with their free time but here at SCEC there are several clubs which students can join. The clubs help the students with their well being and allow them to become more active within the school. However, the students must always find it important to put school work ahead of them. It is important that as a College, we take it seriously that a child is passing while being able to maintain their participation within a club. The different clubs at Stann Creek Ecumenical College are:

  1. Cultural Dance Group - this club primarily focuses on students being able to express themselves through dancing. They are able to practice and perform the different cultural dances.
  2. Newspaper Club - This club primarily focuses on students being able to express themselves through writing. They write weekly events that occur at SCEC and publish them for students to read and become more aware of what is happening at the College.
  3. Garden Club - This club primarily focuses on both teachers and students to help their school's environment with plants around the campus. They are able to beautify the school and go green for a better world!
  4. Marching Band - This club is where excitement occurs. Students are invloved in annual celebrations that Belize celebrates for the months of Septemeber, November and in December.