When Stann Creek Ecumenical High School, as it was then called, first opened its doors in September, 1974, an era of denominational separation in secondary education had come to an end; for Stann Creek Ecumenical High School (Ecumenical) was the product of the amalgamation of the former Stann Creek High School (Anglican) and Austin High School (Catholic). An Ecumenical Commission, consisting of the heads of three major religious denominations - Catholic, Anglican, and Methodist - oversaw the early growth of the institution into a regional center of learning, serving the entire Stann Creek District and beyond. By 1983 the Ecumenical Commission requested the Ministry of Education to assume responsibility for the institution. In response to this request a new Board of Governors was appointed, the composition of which underscored its community college character. Recent modifications in the Board's composition, such as the addition of representatives from the Town Council, business/professional community, Alumni Association, and the Ministry of Education, should further enhance the community college character while still preserving the spirit of ecumenism which first stimulated the opening of Ecumenical's doors.



Through the cooperation and the combined efforts of the staff, parents, and the business community, Ecumenical College will provide quality secondary education primarily but not exclusively for people in southern Belize, integrating academic excellence, physical, social and spiritual development in order to prepare students for the pursuit of advanced education or entering leadership positions in the job market. Among others, this education will instill the values of integrity, hard work, respect for others, self-accountability and social responsibility.


Through the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders in education, we envision a Quality Child Friendly Environment, commited to to excellence.


  1. Transformation of the institution into a Quality Child-Friendly School.
  2. The harmonious and holistic development of the student: intellectually, physically, spiritually, morally and socially.
  3. The development of responsible Belizean citizens.
  4. The inculcation of Christian values and morals in the student.
  5. The development of an inquiring interest in the community's cultural, civic and moral well being.
  6. The aesthetic development of the student.



The Arts Program at Stann Creek Ecumenical College allows students to expand their knowledge through critical thinking and being able to understand historic events that are important to worldwide development.

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The Business Program at Stann Creek Ecumenical College allows students to gain knowledge and experiences about the business work field as they manipulate and calculate their way through real-life business scenarios.

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The Science Program at Stann Creek Ecumenical College is for students to notice, wonder and explore. Allowing them to take action and ask open ended questions as they engage more in focused explorations.

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The Technical Program at Stann Creek Ecumenical College is seen as the most physical stream offered. Students are able to design and work within the school campus to make necessities.

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The Tourism Program at Stann Creek Ecumenical College gives students the opportunity to be able to interact with people and become well organized individuals as they prepare to become a part of the tourism field.

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Miracle Mgbeahuruike - Valedictorian (2016 - 2017)

To be honest, I didn’t choose Ecumenical. Ecumenical chose me. There wasn’t a lot of thinking involved; it just made sense. It may sound a bit cliché, but it’s how I feel. I started my Ecumenical journey on August of 2013. As a freshman, I had no goals, no objectives, no idea that I had a purpose, much less what it was. Put it simply, I went to high school because it’s what I was supposed to do; I was just there for a high school diploma. Today, however, I look back and see nothing but immense growth, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and in any other way one can experience growth. To put it frankly, Ecumenical chose me. Ecumenical chose me because it wanted to teach me that I am capable of more than I think I am. It wanted to show me that there really is light at the end of the tunnel, only if I remain goal-oriented and focused. It goes without saying, that Ecumenical chose me because it wanted me to know that I do have a purpose, that I am chosen by a loving God who has nothing but amazing things in store for me.